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I am new to this for starters...
I'm male but like to wear women's clothes and have done most my life, not so much dresses and skirts but trousers tops and jackets, only around the house tho but would love to wear 24/7 1day
I have children but I'm no longer with there mum and think I could be gay? Not sure enough to come out yet but if I hit it off with Mr right then I will.
I'm bottom and always imagine myself being with a man, I'm straight acting as I suppose I've got used to it by trying to ignore this side of me for years
I want to meet a man that is trustworthy, caring fun and faithful (this means alot to me)would be great to meet someone who enjoys my feminine side and gives me confidence to face the world as who I am.
I think id make a good wife lol just putting that out there....

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