S narayan

In search of senior citizens, grandpas, 50 years & above, to be an intimate companion, to reduce their loneliness & fill it with true love & soothing intimate moments, without any relationship strings or committments attached.

Looking for a Man between 50 and 80 years, and to contact me you must be between 40 and 80 years old and be in the same country as me

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I am aged 55 years, single and un-married from Pune city. I am strictly a vegetarian, do not smoke nor drink (not even socially), no paan, guthka, tobacco chewing and a stickler for being neat, clean, healthy and hygienic in all respects. I am totally clean shaven, soft, smooth, shaved & a non-hairy person, without any mustache, no beard, no goatees, no tattoos, no piercings either and with the blessings of the Lord I am healthy and disease free too.

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I seek mature older men, senior citizens and grandpas above 50 years, residing and located in Pune city or those who can come down to meet me in person in Pune city, to explore the possibility of being an intimate companion to each other. One that would enable us to experience and explore true love and share each others lonely moments, with total privacy and discretion, at a place that can be arranged at my end, but I cannot host you and no overnight stay.

The mature man that I look for should be strictly a vegetarian, non-smoker, no drinks either (not even socially), no paan, no gutkha, no tobacco chewing, be simple, humble, modest, down to earth, smiling, loving, caring, soft, smooth, non-hairy and clean shaven in his inner most private regions like underarms, chest, back, below the waist and between the - ocks too, no skin allergies and be disease free too, be neat, clean and hygienic, preferably without any thick mustache or beard. A strict NO to any facial hair, french beard, goatees or tattoos. Kindly state clearly if you have undergone any operations or surgeries in your life.

Hairy mature men, smokers, drinkers, non-vegetarians do not motivate me nor excite me, hence they are not preferred and certainly not to my liking or interest. A strong and strict NO to cross-dressers, cross-dressing, cd's, feminine behavior, features, actions, gestures or any kind of feminine communications. We are matured respectful men and let us behave, interact, communicate, behave and act like one.

I do not share my p - os and contact number in such - ociations, sorry. We can first interact, communicate between us over here, then decide to meet in person over tea / coffee in Pune city. We can also chat online through face book messenger and see each other both ways c2c.

Waiting for a suitable mature older man to walk into my life. Thanks again, take care and best wishes.