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I search for

a satisfying casual relationship

My political beliefs

I keep my self out of politics of any type. I mind my own business.

My greatest qualities

Confident, positive, believing in my self, being honest and straightforward.

The worst things about me

If I don't like I just walk away.

My religious beliefs

I believe in doing good not in God.

If I were president or prime minister

make Equal rights for Men and women

Where and how I see myself 10 years from now

Happily managing my own business.

What place sport has in my life

It was a major part in childhood a minor part now.

What I would like to change in my life

My opinion on others

My worst memory

Losing my mom ;-(

How I would like a first encounter to happen

Friendly talk over a coffee or dinner or may be a movie which can lead to something more interesting to do together.