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Looking for a Man between 18 and 60 years

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38 male. Looking for clean decent manly gay

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I am 38 male near Chrompet, Chennai. I want educated clean decent man. I want a man who can eat me in bed. I will give you my - body. you have to kis hug - my full - body. U have to suk my - s. U have to - my balls - etc. U have to play with oil and your fingers in my - hole. But I don't like 2 things. I will not suk u, you cannot - me. balance all u have to do. I will not do anything for u. U have to play with my body. This is my interest. No money involved. I cannot give money. I can give only my - body. I don't have place. My email id is maleforuuu (at) rediff (dot) com. If u like, give whatsapp number and name with place. I will come in whatsapp

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