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Hello guys!
Sex-Seekers Stay Away. Love-Loyalty seekers welcome.
I am at nearby Bhilai Chhattisgarh (18 km far from there) Showing in your city ONLY for exposure
I am available in totality for a guy with following parameters

1.First & Foremost, who loves younger and long for a special one to settle with in his life for all times to come
2.Who is totally free to lead his life with the partner without interference from his Family/Relatives. That does not mean that he will be cut from the Family. It only means that he will not get dictated from his Family about our Living together
3.Who is really alone and has an ardent need for a lifelong partner (Partner means someone with whom u live together under one roof i.e. in a HOME and not one whom u meet regularly or occasionally for dinner, movies, dating, - and run back to sleep in your mother’s or Father’s house)
4. Who loves managing the home and its small things just like a wife will do. He will get the same (rather more) Financial Security
5. Who in the free time would like to contribute to the business and professional work of his partner

Guy should be around 18-23 years of age only (At the Most 25)
Straight Acting and cheerful guys clean shaved,Naturally smooth preferred

If u feel interested, then your first message itself should have your - s (Face Pics only) no naked ones (U may send on --- )

And if u feel interested you must have a plan to come and meet me at My Place and not ask me to come to your place. Because ultimately it is you who has to live with me at my place and NOT the reverse! The reason for showing me at your place is only for the sake of exposure! Because it is quite possible that someone at your place was searching a guy like me! And don’t try to finalize everything on the Phone itself when I call u! Things can be finalized only in a meeting and not on Phone or chat here! Thanks

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