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Vinaykhanna450at the rate contact dot com

First of all don't call me bro! I don't like it. We r not on the platform where u address each-other bro! This is my point of view!

I am a kind hearted man with good behavior and attitude. I m funny n fun loving man! Like laugh all the day and wanna make other laugh also! I know i m a gentleman!

I m not gay! I m bisexual versatile man and also like bisexual and manly man! I m not here for find love or share my feelings!

I m only a sx seeker! Ok i need only sx!

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bisexual and versatile man with cool nature! I don't like gayish or girly man! I want short term great relationship!
Isliye milo or bhul jao, acha lage to 2nd time mil sakte h! Mujhe achhe or friendly log bahut pasand hai.