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I am seeking a guy for a long term relationship with Phillipand get a long way down to act as one of fun someone who is interesting someone who is available I'm looking for a younger guy put you in ages 18 and 32 skinny guys Island boys asian will discuss other things if you wish if I know anything else telephone numbers or addresses you not to be able to give me and you know if you HIV negative you must prove your house and I like your dental Records must not be able to smoke or drink and no customers not allowed I must be able to trust you and get you I have a great conversation if you do not must get along with me at all times

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men seeking meni enjoy movies comedy down to earth

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I'm looking for a guy that's honest loyal faithful candidate who wants a serious relationship someone who is down to earth logically reasonable and someone who can read and write has all the singers and toes and can deal with dangerous situations toward family you've got to be patient hey guys you can cook and give good back massages you know how the way the house occasionally I've got a bad ankle also so you going to have to help out indian guys too you've got to be non you can't lose your temper physically and emotionally and - ually I live in the US

If I had to throw everything I have except for 3 things, I would keep...

The Bible food water shelter underwear cell phone books

If I were president or prime minister

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