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Looking for a Man between 18 and 25 years, and to contact me you must be in the same country as me

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My presentation

Who I am

I am a simple, fun loving guy working in Chennai. Like to friends with everyone.jovial adventurous and easy to get along guy

I like

I am

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I search for

I don't want to say that i am looking for - . I am eagerly looking for - but not with every guy out there. I am tired of such things. I am looking for friends whom i can hangout the whole day, share a few drinks, fight for the food on the plate. I want to make - as a shower of love before you fall sleep on shoulders.. Lets see where life takes me..

My political beliefs

Athiest who believes in God..

What I would like you to remember after a visit on my profile

A - guy free to talk anything you want.. - yes! but not in the first meet.. I am a TOP and i prefer to be the same.. I like my - - .. want you to be treated better.. tell me how you want it.. try me.. i will make you beg for it more!! little - y huh.. yeah i agree.. thats the way i am

What I would like to change in my life

You!! I think you can change my life the day you meet by a - talk or a nice - ..

Where and how I see myself 10 years from now

I see myself a strong top, with experience of about 100 bottoms - like anything.. wasted a lot of - in their mouth but still ready to pay them my load if they wish!!!!

If I were a magician, I would...

I will call a guy to the stage and find out if he is bottom.. if so will strip him naked in a second in front of 100 tops.. its a celebration to be known and to found.

If I were president or prime minister

will form cabinet that serves LGBT community ( I need a fleet of bottoms at my desk anytime) its gonna be a - seat and a - life.

My best memory

The day I was given my first - !! seriously was never afraid, happy, enjoying, tensed, sweating, all in the same time..

The most surprising thing that has happened to me

To find out a friend as a bottom with whom i lived for 3 yrs on the last few days of my hostel life.. Seriously a lot of - ing and caressing missed..

What place sport has in my life

sport huh.. i dont know.. :P

If I had to throw everything I have except for 3 things, I would keep...

condom, condom, condom..

How I would like a first encounter to happen

it happened dude years back...

How I would loved to be surprised

waking up in my bed to find my - in someone's mouth!!! I wish it happens..

The worst things about me

I kiss - s like hell.. people say its paining.. but i love them that much...:D Cant help it

My worst memory

To - out in a minute and scolded like hell for it.. I want to compensate for it.. was a bad - day..

My main regrets

I can - only a maximum of thrice a day.. i wish it was once in an hour..

What I would like to change in the world

Nothing.. its great already...