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I'm a pretty shy, humble, kind, handsome, funny, clever, witty guy. I'm willing to try new things and I enjoy dating relationships/casual friendships. I'm a bottom and I really enjoy domination. My preference is white men. I'd prefer jocks or just average to muscular men. I'm looking for a genuinely nice man who will cuddle with me at night and hold me tight. I'll do the same. My hobbies are fishing, drawing, bowling, wrestling, biking, hiking, camping, video gaming, horseback riding, and hunting

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A nice guy to hang and snuggle up with.

My worst memory

When someone asked me if I prefer star wars or star the answer is so obvious

How I would loved to be surprised

With a romantic stroll in the park or a nice dinner date

My greatest qualities

My greatest qualities are my - , my personality, my sense of humor, and my fast talk

What I would like to change in my life

Nothing really. I'm a free spirit

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