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Hello! Thank You for checking my profile.
I'm an Older gay man who likes getting topped by Arabs, Turks, Persians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Indians, Latins and black men.
For my age, I'm reasonably fit, although I now need two sticks to walk, I cope with rush-hour Tube traffic in London, on a daily basis...
For my work, I design clothes, this was a good job, before Politicians and Economists decided to close down the clothing manufacturing industries in both the `uk and in the USA and to send all clothing manufacture to low-wage countries.
For the last 27 years, I have had to chase work all over the world, where ever `i could find it and have now worked in a total of 11 countries and have lived in 6 of those.
One thing that I have found in all this forced travelling, is that older people are treated better in the Middle East and in South Asia than we are in the UK or in the USA. Out of pure self interest, I do like that and that also colours my tastes in men as - ual partners...
I'm not really interested in LTRs, but I'm very happy when friendships last for many years and regular - is also appreciated : as long as someone that I like, also likes to have - with me, then I'm usually happy to provide him with the services that he wants.

If I were a magician, I would...

If I were a magician, I would organise myself a job as a 'Comfort Person' on an Oil-Drilling Site', or As the same in a Military base. So far, my personal record for - in one night, stands at 7 times and I feel sure that I could manage that on a regular basis, If the opportunity was there. I feel that helping another man, achieve an orgasm is a special thing and that it has a certain sort of magic that is quite wonderful.

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Romance is concept that does not really reach me. Mutual respect and mutual help are things that mean more to me.
I love my work and I really like working. I also like teaching. The work skills that I have were difficult to learn and it is fun to pass them on to young people who can use them to earn their livings and to keep their families...
It was hard learning my work skills and it took me 21 years of work and study to reach a point of being really creative at my job and I am still working and studying now. Presently, I have 51 years of industrial experience that I've gained whilst working in a total of 11 countries...

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