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Looking for a Man between 35 and 55 years

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a damn - gay..u cnt ignore my figure..see my - pics...alws ready to get - .

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Not provided

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i need a mature men who cn satisfy me on bed..i like big - s..
I just love my - nd wna - myself.

The most surprising thing that has happened to me

wn i - a - first time nd got my - - d by a mature man.

If I had to throw everything I have except for 3 things, I would keep...

my - - s..ur long nd hard -

My main regrets

i dnt hv -

The worst things about me

my small -

How I would loved to be surprised

wd long - s

If I were a magician, I would...

hv - d myself hard..m dmn - .

What I would like you to remember after a visit on my profile

my smooth nd chubby -

My best memory

wn i - a matture and long - first time..

How I would like a first encounter to happen

it has already been hpnd in a - el balcony.

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Robin lal