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Looking for a Man between 18 and 60 years, and to contact me you must have a picture and be in the same country as me

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Who I am

Im gentle. Likes sweet moments. Prefer chubby brown whether young or daddy. Loves kissing caressing and body play. No to - pleasure. short or long is immaterial. I love giving pleasure. I like giving massage to my One.

I like

I am

a good - er & kisser no to - pleasure sooo romantic and car

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I search for

Chubby cute brown. Can speak English. I like my man to be caring and sweet and gentle. Loves body play. Kissing. No to - pleasure. Loves to give massage to man.

What I would like to change in my life

My soulmate

If I were president or prime minister

I will promote peace

If I were a magician, I would...

Make this world overflowing with love and happiness

My best memory

When im with y❤U

The most surprising thing that has happened to me

Loving Y❤U

My main regrets

Nothing to regret

Where and how I see myself 10 years from now

To finally find my SoulMate

My worst memory

None to be discussed

If I had to throw everything I have except for 3 things, I would keep...

Family. My love one. My intelligence

My religious beliefs

Not so religious but I believe in G❤D

How I would loved to be surprised

Nothing but nothing

What I would like to change in the world

Corruption. Greediness. War

My greatest qualities

Loving. Caring. Sensual

What I would like you to remember after a visit on my profile

This man is so simple

My political beliefs

Politics for me is Money Machine

What place sport has in my life

Physique and healthy body

The worst things about me


How I would like a first encounter to happen

Pure intimacy. Caress and never ending romance

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