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Looking for a Man between 19 and 99 years, and to contact me you must have a picture

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VISITOR read this carefully before you message to me.....AFTER READING, Dont ask non-sense questions you wont be replied. This is not ATTITUDE, its my TC :P
I have gr8 respect and love for all my frnds, I do not care which CASTE, COLOR, CREED and COUNTRY they belong to. I want only love and love from them. My frnds are very precious for me.

Turning to - ....I am bisexual top guy other tops dont bother to connect for - , friendship is fine with you. I am 60% attracting to matures and rest peoples should try your luck.

I am also looking for girlfriend/bf for relationship.

Dont say "HI" "HELLO" "ASL" "WHERE ARE YOU FROM" "TOP/BOTTOM" tired of them, you wont be replied. As I am with my BODY PICTURE you should come to me with body picture otherwise STRICTLY NO REPLY from my side....I REPEAT NO REPLY IF YOU DONT HAVE BODY PICTURE.

I am not rude, angry, fiery, egoist, arrogant...Just bad experience hit me harder emotionally and mentally.

I dont use WHATSAPP so DONT ASK FOR NUMBER, if someone really want to stay connected because of message limits I can provide my Email ID.

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fantasize about kingsman i am your eggsy you're my harry 3

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Searching adventure, and will take that all which I want.

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