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Looking for a Man, and to contact me you must be between 18 and 29 years old and be in the same country as me

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Im a 18 yrs vers guy. Im looking up for a relationship. Im very loving and lovable. Im great in terms of - periance.

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my msg lim is over so plz guyz text me whoz intrested

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Im looking for a relationship I donno short pr long term bt i wanna be loving somone Im lookin for a - lovable tall muscular top guy who would charm me in his first look
If such a guy is there bt not intrested in relation then ya till im linked up im ready for a hookup And u must kno im experianced

How I would loved to be surprised

Somone proposing me

If I were president or prime minister

Make country more liberal

What I would like to change in my life

Have somone lovin

My greatest qualities

Dats something you should explore

If I were a magician, I would...

Find me a prince charming and a castle

The worst things about me

I trust ppl

If I had to throw everything I have except for 3 things, I would keep...

Love food n my castle

What I would like to change in the world

Make world more liberal

What place sport has in my life

Not at all but yeah i luv sportsperson

My religious beliefs

Born catholic bt non religious

How I would like a first encounter to happen

It hs already happened

Where and how I see myself 10 years from now

At NYC wid my sweetheart

The most surprising thing that has happened to me

No as such

What I would like you to remember after a visit on my profile

Im searching for luv bt ready for hookups

My political beliefs

Hate modi

My best memory

Looking for one

My worst memory

Not lukin for some

My main regrets

Pain in my -

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