Looking for a Man between 18 and 20 years, and to contact me you must be between 18 and 45 years old have a picture

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Who I am

Actually I am a young gentleman
Who became 19 years of age
I love nature i am 1,80 in hights
Slim but quite strong since my younger life from the age 6 until 17 was occupied by several fighting club's local or international I have won many prices well I still love the fight and not but least the pain that comes from a good challenger
Haha I also love painting singing even if friends run away for i am a bad singer for them
Ohh well I think to myself - them i must be great since I love it
I like reading i have read about
718 books in total and still counting haha I like partying but who does not like that dahh

Hated school bad teacher's who teach brainwashed Bulls hit so that children teens can not develop the brain skills that are important in life... that is a other story
I am a good Schwimmer I saved a young kids life in Miami once
At that time I was 14 years and
Quit hiiii on weed that some niggers gave me
Noo I'm not a racist lol
Hmm I like playing golf and crazy stuff what people call crazy or shameful
Like going to Schwimm naked at the day time in the local Schwimmbad full of people of all ages on ecsaxy hiiiness haha I lost a beet that was my punishment but I never break a promise and that was fun actually even if almost everyone including friends filmed with there phones and I saw it soon in youtube after
I like no love animals absolutely for sure
Something very special about me is something I have never told anyone outside my family
My mother is a human being my father is half human and you could say alien long family past
So it could happen that my eyes can change from normal looking to reptilien like eyes for i did not learn jet how to control my eyes and sometimes thinking
Haha I know that is all I will say for now
Thank you
And what about you ?
In love
Avalon Darko

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I search for

I am open to all I look for love for you and for a dear friend I search and will find you you have to be younger than 18 or 18-24
OR whatsapp contact

My religious beliefs

Elohim are the creators and the religious beliefs are the work of the human messengers they sent

What I would like to change in my life

Well that is to private at that point of time for me yet

My best memory

My 18th birthday travelling 18 countries with my family with a lot of fun family time and getting my birthday present in back home my own yacht in witch I traveled from Spain to Marokko all alone of course my birthday cake that was jummy

If I were a magician, I would...

Give all the evil humans a good soul so that no evil can be done on our beautiful planet and harmony would be the result
And noo pain anymore

What I would like you to remember after a visit on my profile

Well quite easy me and you i love you you me doo

My worst memory

Being - by the Gardner named bill 3 weeks before getting 8 year's old at the age of 7 years my family mother especially father were so mad angry the garner got killed the same month since then I was spoiled but me I never took it for granted so I am not a spoiled brat but perhaps a gay one

The worst things about me

I would not know what to say perhaps when getting horney or romantic being to much of it
Meaning putting all my energy for that to be the most of what is possible:D

If I had to throw everything I have except for 3 things, I would keep...

The power of love for if only I would exit and would not have love for loving myself i would be doomed for unhappiness

My dearest family who love me and care about me and so to i

My belief in the creators and the love and care they give me all the good people in the world and our beautiful planet who I have the prevelege of existing on you

My greatest qualities

Love creativity funny intelligence helpfulness crazy me having luck being an awesome human being
And for filling my destiny

What I would like to change in the world

Teaching and bringing things in school like how to talk to animals not with talking but telepathically I know how it's done and that is something humans should learn in school since it's important animals are very wise animals and there is a lot to learn from them and I am in the belief that no one can eat meet when knowing the character of the other earthlings and of course other important things that is not teached in school

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Cannet Vallauris Mougins