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Looking for a Man, and to contact me you must be between 18 and 40 years old

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Get to know me more

I search for

Friends with benefits I guess.
I'm panasexual so feel free to contact

My worst memory

Nothing I don't hold on worst things

What I would like to change in my life

My sleeping habits

What I would like you to remember after a visit on my profile

Well remember me what else

What place sport has in my life

Same place as love

How I would like a first encounter to happen

If it's about new one
I think a nice meal with decent conversation...
Don't mind if it ends in bed

If I had to throw everything I have except for 3 things, I would keep...

Friends family nd off course money

Where and how I see myself 10 years from now

On the earth it would be sufficient

My religious beliefs

I'm monotheist..

The worst things about me

I am Short tempered
A bit

What I would like to change in the world

Nothing it's perfect as it is created..
I would like to manipulate criticizing people

My greatest qualities

I'm careing for those I love

How I would loved to be surprised

A kiss on neck

My political beliefs

I believe a bit in socalizm

If I were president or prime minister

U'll know when I'll be

The most surprising thing that has happened to me

Nothing yet

If I were a magician, I would...

I Would manipulate time space continuum I guess

My main regrets

Not being with whom I want even if I could

My best memory

I'll save it for myself only

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